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Hurricane Damage. Now What?

Here are our tops tips on how to effectively and efficiently file an insurance claim and our dos and don'ts for hiring a reputable contractor. 

How to Handle an Insurance Claim

  • Document Everything!

    • Take photos and videos of all the damaged areas of your home. Before clean-up or throwing anything away. Document!​

  • Report Your Claim!

    • Keep receipts for any cleaning supplies, building materials or any replacement items.​

    • If you had to leave your home to stay in a hotel or incurred additional living expenses, save those receipts.

  • Hire a Reputable Contractor!​

    • Get multiple estimates in writing.​

    • Research your contractor on the Better Business Bureau.

    • Don't pay for the whole job up front and don't pay in cash. Don't make the final payment until you have inspected the work and made sure you are satisfied with the job. 

Hurricane Claim

Dos and Don'ts for Hiring a Contractor

  • DO

    •  Develop a short list of contractors by asking family, friends, and neighbors for referrals.

  • DO

    • Research your contractor on the Better Business Bureau.

  • DO

    • Get multiple estimates in writing and make sure they are detailed.

  • DON'T

    •  Pay for the entire job up front.

  • DON'T

    • Pay in cash.

  • DON'T

    • Make the final payment until you have inspected and are satisfied with work. 

At Mostyn Law, we offer complimentary reviews of your insurance policy. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about your insurance claim. 

We will review your claim to see if you were fully compensated for all potential areas of damage, including, but not limited to:

  • Roof damage, broken windows, and leaks

  • Loss of contents (vehicles, furniture, electronics, air conditioning, etc.)

  • Alternative living expenses (ALE) while the home is repaired or replaced

  • Structural damage

If your home or business suffered serious damage due to a hurricane, you’ve already been through enough! You shouldn’t have to fight with your insurance company in order to be paid the money you’re rightfully owed under your policy.  


Mostyn Law will take on your burden and make your problem our own.  We will work to resolve your claim quickly, and we don’t get paid a dime until we recover money for you.

Experienced Hurricane Damage Attorneys

Are you able to make repairs? Did your insurance company deny or underpay any portion of your claim?  If your home or business was damaged, we understand you’ve already been through a lot.
We can help.

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