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Storm Damage Claim

Storm Damage Claims

Do you need Hurricane Property Damage Claims Expertise?

Mostyn Law has represented more than 20,000 individuals, businesses, and churches across the country for damage suffered as a result of a catastrophic storm.

As a Houston-based firm, we’re intimately familiar with extreme weather events that wreak havoc along the Texas Gulf Coast. And unfortunately, our entire staff knows firsthand what it is like to personally deal with these storms—from preparing for the storm, fearing for your family's safety, and then dealing with the aftermath.  

When Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast in 2017, our hometown faced the storm and banded together to do everything we could to restore our city, uplift one another, and be compassionate to those around us. Yet even today, many are still struggling to recover from Harvey, and communities across the United States go through similar circumstances each year. Since 2020, there have been more than 100 subtropical and tropical storms, tropical depressions, and hurricanes along the US coasts. The 2021 Texas Freeze and subsequent power crises still linger in our memories.

At Mostyn Law, we help our clients deal with the aftermath of hurricanes, tornados, tropical storms, hail storms, and floods. If your insurance company is refusing to pay what you’re owed for property damage after a storm, call us today. We will send our team of expert storm damage attorneys to your home or business and conduct a complete evaluation of your interior and exterior damages. We’ll document the damage with pictures and videos and submit a report with our findings to your insurance company.  We will make sure you fully understand what you’re entitled to under your insurance policy, including contents coverage, other structures, additional living expenses, and recoverable depreciation. Together, we can help you file