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Storm Damage Claim

Do you need Hurricane Property Damage Claims Expertise?

If your home or business was damaged, we understand you’ve already been through a lot.  We can help.

In 2017, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria caused billions of dollars worth of damage across the United States.  Homes and businesses were destroyed as a result of hurricane force winds, debris, and flooding.  If you are a homeowner or business owner affected by one of these vicious hurricanes, you’ve probably already made a claim with your insurance company.  The insurance company should have provided you with a decision on your claim.  You should review their decision carefully and check to see if you were fully compensated for your damages. 

We understand that dealing with your insurance company can be complicated, stressful, and sometimes intimidating if you don’t know your rights and you don’t fully understand your insurance policy.

If your insurance company has not fully compensated you for your damages, please contact us today for free case evaluation.

We will review your claim to see if you were fully compensated for all potential areas of damage, including, but not limited to:

  • Roof damage, broken windows, and leaks

  • Loss of contents (vehicles, furniture, electronics, air conditioning, etc.)

  • Alternative living expenses (ALE) while the home is repaired or replaced

  • Structural damage

If your home or business suffered serious damage due to a hurricane, you’ve already been through enough! You shouldn’t have to fight with your insurance company in order to be paid the money you’re rightfully owed under your policy.  


Mostyn Law will take on your burden and make your problem our own.  We will work to resolve your claim quickly, and we don’t get paid a dime until we recover money for you.

Experienced Hurricane Damage Attorneys

Are you able to make repairs? Did your insurance company deny or underpay any portion of your claim?  If your home or business was damaged, we understand you’ve already been through a lot.
We can help.

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